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How to Create a Real Estate Agent Business Plan – 3 Steps to Success

It all starts by writing your goals or desired outcomes, creating a written business plan and updating/revising your business budget then measuring and tracking your results. We invite you to follow the 3 steps, download the accompanying forms and.... JUST DO IT!

Short Sale Certification Training

Certified Foreclosure Alternatives ConsultantSM

Designation Course

Learn How to Become a Trusted Advisor…

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Help Your Client Find the Best Alternative to Foreclosure…


Once you complete the Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant Designation Course, you’ll be a trained consultant who understands the alternatives to foreclosure with an emphasis on the short sale process.

A CFAC℠ genuinely cares about their clients, always places the clients’ interest above their own, and never ventures outside of the scope of their expertise.

A CFAC℠ encourages clients to partner up with other trusted advisors such as attorneys, CPA’s, and financial consultants.

A CFAC℠ educates the client so they can make an informed decision as to   what’s in their “best interests.”  If the client determines that the short sale is their best option, no one is better trained to successfully process a short sale transaction than a CFAC℠.

Is a short sale the answer to your client’s situation?

  • What liability will you incur if you recommend a short sale without exploring alternatives?
  • Do you need to know the alternatives?
  • What are the alternatives to foreclosure?
  • Should you be informing your clients on alternatives?
  • Why should you partner with attorneys, CPA’s and other trusted advisors?
  • How do you reduce the potential risk and legal liability when processing and negotiating a short sale?
  • What are the options for negotiating a short sale?  Who can legally do it?

Course content includes:

  • Using the Educational / Consultative Approach
  • Advanced Communication & Negotiation Techniques
  • Current Market Trends
  • Options for Remaining in the Home
  • Options to Sell or Give Up the Property
  • A Complete Short Sale Listing System
  • Effectively Working With Short Sale Buyers
  • Loss Mitigation and Servicer Processing Tips
  • How to Reduce Your Risk & Liability in Today’s Market
  • Legal & Tax Ramifications for the Short Sale Seller
  • Implementing the CFAC Business Model for Your Continued Success

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